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We offer stud service!  Stud Service is $1500 to a Marchador mare or $1000 if crossbreeding.  Mare care is $10/a day

Traituba Zumbido
He is our foundation stud, and is the only representative in the US of the 200 year old Brazilian Traituba farm (which is still in business). His sire is Traituba Radio A.A. who is a celebrity in Brasil owned by a group of shareholding investors (called a condominium in Brasil). He throws good bone, good heart and size to some of our petite mares.  Zumbido arrived from Brasil in the same shipment as Niki when the Newman family fell in love with a breeding plan that the Campo Real Farm had. After the arrival that particular breeding never happened due to their new busy lifestyle, traveling to different farms in US, and only 4 years ago Zumbido & Niki finally met again at Saint Horse Marchadores where the dreams come true and had their perfect baby.

Zumbido is soon moving to his new home, but we have frozen semen , offspring and foals on the way.

Terra do Saint Horse

My beautiful smooth homebred stallion. The favorite of many with his striking self-posessed beauty.  He passes his good looks along his offspring. Standing as stud for live cover or frozen semen available.

Wltrajante do Saint Horse

My handsome gaited homebred stallion. Kept as Zumbido's replacement, Wltrajante ( Portuguese for Outrageous)is the result of Traituba, Favacho, Herdade and Passa-Tempo bloodlines, in other words, an excellent recipe, w/full brother on the ground and another on the way, Danny as we call him at the barn awaits for his first bride for just as little as $500 on his Debut

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